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Thread: FIrst project - how to update my desk lamp

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    Default FIrst project - how to update my desk lamp

    I've had this fancy clamp lamp for a while. It is LED with a rotating dimmer on the back end. Light quality is okay, but not amazing, and I would prefer a more broader optic.

    The barrel is 4.5cm in diameter and 9.5cm in length, and the optic is 3.5cm diameter. So plenty of room. There is a rotary knob on the back that has a detente for on-off and then goes from dim to fully bright.

    This would be my first LED project, so was kind of looking for a sense on how to maximize the light as far as driver, LED, optic selection and construction. Ideally I would like to match something like the Yamada lights in color renditioning and have a broad, even brightness with no hotspots. Definitely would appreciate any suggestions on how to get started.

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    Default Re: FIrst project - how to update my desk lamp

    without a picture it`s really hard to say, but probably easiest would be to find an LED of the same footprint and drive specs but with a highter lm/W ratio and just do a direct swap out, you can leave the driver as it is then. for a more even brightness getting some DCfix would certainly help.

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    Default Re: FIrst project - how to update my desk lamp

    Thanks Katherine - I can include a front picture, but haven't attempted to take apart the light yet to get more details on the internals.

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