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Thread: **SOLD** WTS: HDS Rotary/325NLT/CR123

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    Default **SOLD** WTS: HDS Rotary/325NLT/CR123

    Edit: Sold

    Selling my HDS Rotary CR123 model.

    Light was originally purchased by me back in June 2020.
    I find myself using my executive models much more frequently, so, this is up for sale.
    This is the CR123 Model w/ NLT 325Lumens & Raised Button. Barely used as you can see.

    First "I'll take it" gets it.
    Price is $280 Total through PayPal G+S.
    Shipping is USPS Priority (CONUS). Will ship out same day.

    There is no packaging included in the sale. Just the Light & I'm providing 2 x Brand New Primary CR123 Batteries.

    If you'd like additional photos, just let me know.
    Thanks for looking.
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    Default Re: WTS: HDS Rotary/325NLT/CR123

    Pm sent about light.

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    Default Re: WTS: HDS Rotary/325NLT/CR123

    I’ll take it. Thank you

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    Default Re: WTS: HDS Rotary/325NLT/CR123

    Funds received.
    Address Confirmed.
    Sold to @Bronc6901

    Thank you.

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