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Thread: [Review] - Imalent MS06 - 25000 lumens 3*21700 6*XHP70.2 - by Lock

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    Default [Review] - Imalent MS06 - 25000 lumens 3*21700 6*XHP70.2 - by Lock

    Imalent MS06 - 6*XHP70.2 - 25000 lumens

    Hi guys !!! Today we will see the
    Imalent MS06: barrel torch with the incredible Turbo of 25000 lumens.

    To the following link you can find information on the company while here you can see in detail and buy the product in question.

    The flashlight was sent directly from Imalent for review.

    Packaging and contents
    The Imalent MS06 arrives in a rigid cardboard box with magnetic closure on which all the main features of the product are imprinted. The range of accessories is rich, on the whole we have:

    • Imalent MS06 Flashlight
    • 3x Imalent 4000mAh 21700 batteries
    • Wrist strap
    • Nylon holster
    • Proprietary USB charging cable
    • 2x spare O-rings
    • User Manual

    Main features

    • Utilizes 6 x CREE XHP70 2nd LEDs wth Lifespan up to 50000 hours
    • Max output of 25,000 lumens
    • Max beam intensity: 65800cd
    • Max distance: 513m
    • Output Levels: Turbo / High / Middle II / Middle I / Middle Low / Low
    • Powered by three rechargeable 4000mAh 21700 Li-ion batteries
    • Dimensions: 56 mm (head diameter) x 51mm (body diameter) x 119mm (length)
    • Weight:572g (battery included)
    • High efficiency constant power circuit will maintain constant brightness
    • Built-in thermal control module
    • Instant turbo Access
    • Toughened ultra-clear mineral
    • Anti-reflective coating glass
    • Aluminum SMO reflector
    • Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy body
    • wear-resistant Type III hard-anodized surface treatment
    • IPX-8 standard waterproof (2 meters submersible)
    • 1.5m impact resistant
    • Tail stand capability

    Output Levels and UI
    The Imalent MS06 has 5 normal brightness levels (including Turbo) divided as follows:

    • Turbo: 25000 - 4000 lm (measured 22100-3540lm) – 70s + 120min
    • High: 9000 - 4000 lm (measured 7900-3540 lm) – 2 + 130min
    • Middle II: 4000 lm (measured 3540 lm) – 2h5min
    • Middle I: 2500 lm (measured 2360 lm) – 4h
    • Middle Low: 1200 lm (measured 1180 lm) – 8h
    • Low: 200 lm (measured 350 lm) – 13h

    The measured data refer to the first seconds of switching on and using fully charged batteries. Almost all of them are slightly lower (about 10%) than what is stated by Imalent.

    Below are the runtime graphs on the Turbo and High levels

    The User Interface is very simple, easy to remember and managed by the metal switch located on the head of the flashlight.

    Power On / Off and Level Select
    To turn the flashlight on or off, just a simple click on the switch.

    Output level selection
    With the flashlight on, a pressure on the switch will cycle the levels as follows: 200/1200/2500/4000/9000 lumens

    Direct access to Turbo / Strobo
    Quick double click to access the Turbo. With two more quick clicks you will go to the special Strobo level.

    Low Mode / Lockout
    With three clicks on the switch you will enter the low output level of 200 lumens. With four consecutive clicks, it is possible to electronically lock or unlock the interface.

    Intelligent Thermal Control
    When using the flashlight on high levels, for example at Turbo, the temperature will soar. Upon reaching 50 ° C, the torch automatically reduces the output to a lower level, avoiding dangerous overheating and preserving the life of the LED and electronic parts.

    Memory Mode
    The flashlight will remember the last output level used with the exception of the Turbo and Strobo levels.

    The body and the materials
    The Imalent MS06 is a barrel torch the size of a can of coke. Very compact and generous in weight, it is equipped with 6 very powerful second generation XHP70.2 LEDs and is powered by 3 powerful 4000mAh 21700 battery (included in the package).

    It is comfortable in the hand, it fits well.

    The switch on the head is in a good position, easily removable and activated even if you are wearing gloves.

    The build quality is good, the thicknesses are abundant, perfect anodizing and lettering.

    The threads are precise and arrive well lubricated. In order to allow the correct tapping of the thread and therefore the closure of the supply circuit, the body must be tightened very firmly to the head. This also makes opening the battery compartment slightly tiring.

    The Imalent MS06 has a particular knurling with large squares. Each square in turn has a knurling with horizontal lines: the grip is excellent in any condition.

    The head has a series of deep dissipation fins which, alas, do nothing when using the flashlight on high levels which instead work well on medium / low levels. On the dissipation fins there is a small hole for the insertion of wrist straps or small carabiners.

    On the opposite side of the switch there is the magnetic charging interface consisting of two gold contacts. To recharge the batteries, it is necessary to use the proprietary charging system using the USB cable supplied.

    The optical part is composed of 6 Cree XHP70.2 LEDs, a mirror polished multiparabola and a lens with anti-reflective treatment.

    The tail is flat so it is possible to use the flashlight in tailstanding on flat surfaces

    At the negative pole we have three fairly stiff springs, while at the positive pole a thick golden circular contact.

    The cells are in 3P configuration this means that it is also possible to use only one or two 21700s to power the MS06 (in this case the runtime will be proportional to the number of cells used. Incredibly, even with only one cell the Turbo can be recalled (the battery in this case will be really put to the test given the currents in play).

    Bundled with the flashlight also comes a nice Nylon holster, convenient for carrying the flashlight, for example, attached to the belt.

    Beam, Tint and Beamshots
    The MS06 tint is Cool around 6000K-6500K, the beam is very wide. At the Turbo you have a real wall of light at your disposal
    Following some Nightshot on the medium / long distance ...

    Beamshot #1

    Beamshot #2

    Beamshot #3

    Beamshot #4

    Final Considerations
    Compact and extremely powerful !!! Here are the main features of the new Imalent MS06.
    I particularly like the 3P configuration of the 21700 batteries.

    In bundle, Imalent provides 4000mAh cells but if desired, it is also possible to use batteries with higher capacities (eg 5000mAh), thus greatly increasing the runtimes.

    The build quality is good, the thicknesses are abundant, anodizing and knurling well done.

    Simple and intuitive interface, possibility of physical / electronic lockout, thermal control always active and Memory Mode.

    The beam is clean, extremely flood and the tint pleasant even if Cool.

    Overall I was very satisfied with this new little monster. It really is the perfect flashlight to keep in your jacket pocket and to take out when you want to make friends gape ... (done personally &#128522

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    Default Re: [Review] - Imalent MS06 - 25000 lumens 3*21700 6*XHP70.2 - by Lock

    Thanks for review! This is indeed a cool little powerhouse!
    There is just two changes I would like to have with it before I would consider to get it:
    1: while low mode has a shortcut by 3 clicks it's still included in the memory cycle. Really stupid and unneccesary! It should of course not be memorised.
    2: larger steps between the modes. At least remove the middle I mode: only 1,6 times step from low to middle II is WAY too small!
    The steps between the regular modes should be at least 3 times. With the current mode spacing there will be a lot of situations when you wonder: " it 1200 or 2500lm?" and "is it 2500 or 4000lm?". Also there will now and then be doubt about whether it's on 4000 or 9000lm.

    Example of good mode spacing should be: 200/1200/4000/12000/25000. Or 100/800/3000/9000/25000. Something like that. This would mean you(when you have been used to the light) better could distinguish between the regular modes without cycling through the modes to be sure. This is in many cases not possible with the current mode spacing. You WILL misperceive about the modes.
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    Default Re: [Review] - Imalent MS06 - 25000 lumens 3*21700 6*XHP70.2 - by Lock

    Thank you for your detailed review. I’ve been waiting for independent lumen reviews of this light. I see that you measured 22,100 turbo lumens. I am definitely thinking about adding this floodlight to my collection. I have two MS03 that have reasonable turbo runtime; considering the very high output potential of the emitters versus the small size of the power supply. This light also has a very high power output potential of the emitters, compared with the relatively small size of the fuel supply. I like to use this classification of flashlights to very briefly illuminate an up close large area with the most amount of light possible for just a few seconds, before throttling down to a lower mode. Thanks again!
    By the way, did you check the cleanliness and tightness of the connection between the battery tube and the head?
    Not to brag or anything, but I'm kind of a big deal to my flashlights.

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    Default Re: [Review] - Imalent MS06 - 25000 lumens 3*21700 6*XHP70.2 - by Lock

    I got all my throwers first. I think I might start with this for my floods. I get the very portable stuff before the monsters. Plus I like Imalent. It is among a few brands I consider to be of good quality. In a portable light onboard charging is a must to me. I like magnetic even though USB C is considerably faster. The measured lumens are very good IMO. I can see why the reviewer picked this and most likely so will I. One hint: instead of going with a higher mah battery. You should get higher overall performance with Samsung 40T cells.

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