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Thread: Lumintop GT Nano mini-review

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    Default Lumintop GT Nano mini-review

    I got in the Lumintop GT nano recently.

    It is powered by a single 80mAh 10180 cell. There is no micro-USB port on the flashlight itself, instead, a really nice charger made of brass is included that can be screwed on the battery barrel. A very short micro-USB cable is also included.
    A red LED indicates charging, as soon as it turns green, charging is complete.

    The light features a ramping UI as a standard, but can be changed to discrete levels and even a momentary mode.

    The light is incredibly bright if it is turned to its highest level. SO bright, that I just couldn't believe the 10180 cell could bear that load... so I tested runtime at its highest setting. After just 3 minutes(!) quite a drop in output could be noticed. After 5 minutes I stopped in order to not damage the cell.

    After this, the opposite was tested: at its lowest setting, runtime is MORE than 11 hours, light output is still enough to safely find your way in your home, even if it is pitch black and dark. This clearly is more the field of use of this light: its lower settings. There's simply not enough energy in that tiny cell to make any decent runtime possible at high levels, but you can expect that. Nothing negative to Lumintop, that's just physics!

    Light output is nice and even, without any dark spots. It is a great thrower for its size. I never saw any 10180 light that even came close to this one.

    I can really recommend this little light, as it is very useful and runs long as long as you use it on the lower settings. Finish is flawless, as I've come to expect from Lumintop. I have several of their lights, and until now I can only praise them for their perfect finish, perfect threads and incredible output for their size.

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    Default Re: Lumintop GT Nano mini-review

    I just got mine today and have been trying it out in a variety of places. I agree with everything you said. Itís really a fun little light with great throw for its size. Even my wife, who usually rolls her eyes at my new lights, thought it was impressive.
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    I ordered mine from Neal as soon as he had them listed. I wonder when he will ship it out?

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