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Thread: Sigma Customs: Corvus

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    calipsoii has done a superb job on the driver, it is constant current 500/900mA high on AA/14500 respectively, 1-4 modes fully programmable with 24 brightness steps, LVP, configurable step-down, switching speed, debounce, memory none/classic/hybrid, and thermal protection.
    It also has an entire separate UI that is fairly easy to switch between (20-29 clicks), a sensibly designed ramping UI for a mechanical switch. Starts at a brightness, depending on memory setup, then a click will ramp up, stopping and starting again will toggle down and so on. Ceiling/floor blink indicators, double tap for moonlight and short-long tap for turbo.
    That sounds perfect. Put me down for an SW40 please!
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    I'll take the last spot, just can't decide between 219B SW45 or XP-L HI 5D 4000k. Any beam shots or either?
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    Interested! Probably with a sw35.

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    The list is full for now, thanks guys!

    More information will come when I start to machine these.

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