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Thread: Show us your favorite IMALENT flashlight

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    Default Show us your favorite IMALENT flashlight

    Show us your favorite IMALENT flashlight, and tell us what he is or what you like?This is the IMALENT MS18, we all enjoy its reach distance and features amazing 100000 lumens !

    @Nahuel Suarez MS18.jpg

    Learn more :

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    I do not post beamshots, because I do not have the proper equipment or expertise to take beamshots that are realistic. Too under or over exposed.

    My light numbers 19, 21, 32 and 33 are Imalent lights.

    19. Imalent R90TS. July 16, 2019. 36,000 lumens, 1750 meters throw. 8 x 21700, 18x XHP35, 8x 21700 Samsung 40T, two fans,
    I purchased the stock version Imalent R90TS from Vinh54. My main area of interest is beam profile/beam performance.
    Beam profile similar to X65, but with a little more throw and some more beam width, and some more spill, with more lumens on the target at given range, but in the form of a larger hotspot.

    21. Imalent MS18. Oct, 21, 2019. 8 x 21700, 18 x XHP70.2, 100,000 lumens. Recommended to me by my favorite flashlight person. of the 43 real performance flashlights in mt collection, Imalent MS18 is the only light that is too bright to shine down the middle of the residential street without alarming the neighbors. Worlds most powerful flooder.

    32. and 33: Two Imalent MS03, June 15, 2020. Triple XHP70.2. Single 21700 protected usb-c, or with large solder blob. 9,535 lumens, 313 meters. Smallest triple XHP70.2, I think. Very powerful small flooder.

    Attached pic shows my R90TS and MS18.

    I want/wish for/wait for Imalent multiple SBT90.2 flashlight. Any news?
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    A prey lamp will meet you soon

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    I'm not god at produce correct photos of beam shots, so I hop it is ok this way to.

    I own the following Imalent flashlights (also see picture below):

    Two Imalent DN35 2200 Lumens, 596 m of throw, Cree XHP35 HI LED and one Imalent 26650 4500 mAh battery.
    This is a very compact and throwy lights, but it gives enught spill to easily be used when you for example, are going for a walk. Bought in 2017 it still outperforms many of its competitors.

    One Imalent DN70 3800 Lumens, 325 m of throw, Cree XHP70 LED and one Imalent 26650 4500 mAh battery
    This flashlight is also very compact in relation to its performance, and much more floody then the DN35. Ideal for walking purposes. This is Also bought in 2017 and it's maybe even more, outperforms many of its today's competitors.

    One Imalent DT70 16000 Lumens, 700 m of throw, 4 Cree XHP70 LED and one 4 Imalent 18650 3000 mAh batterys. Even this one is bought in 2017.
    This flashlight is really made to impress your friends with! It really turns night into day. This is my absolute favourite of the Imalent flashlights I own today.

    Imalent is a maker who always make flashlights with a performance size ratio on the limit of the possible, constantly pushing the boundaries, so of course there is even more impressing flashlights in their portfolio today. But it is also interesting to see that my 2017 years flashlights, performance and design wise, still can stand up to many of the competitors even today.

    I'm a little of a "thrower guy" so my Imalent favourite flashlight today is without doubt the R90TS, because I don't only what to impress my friends, I want to impress my self to!

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