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Thread: What is Reylights relationship with Maratac?

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    Default What is Reylights relationship with Maratac?

    I was doing a Google search on something unrelated to this. I came upon the realization that Reylight has some relationship with Maratac. I most certainly hope that Rey is not "jobbing" out his work to Maratac in China. Meaning that Rey has no access to design or production facilities himself whatsoever. I truly hope that is not the case. I have always had nothing but the highest praise for Rey. Myself, purchasing multiple flashlights from him each costing well over $1,000USD. They were not advertised. They were deals between himself and I. I am currently a bit concerned that I had made a huge mistake. Please lay my fears to rest! As many may be aware I have always had nothing but the highest praise for Rey. Even going so far as to compare him to Jeff Hanko. Of course that was solely my opinion at the time. Hopefully this is misguided in which case I shall profusely apologize to him personally. Please do not let this thread get out of hand. I am not accusing him of anything! I am asking a question! I want nothing more than to think that Rey is a good guy. Thank you

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    I had assumed the opposite: that CountyComm/Maratac were commissioning work from Reylight.

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    If I remember correctly, itís been a couple years since Rey was designing his first light, he designs them himself but does not have the equipment to make them. Now it is possible he has manual machines he can make things with, prototypes or one offs and the like, but just didnít want to do production with the manual machines. I think he has a friend at a factory that already produces flashlights but I donít know which one, Iíve never seen it mentioned for sure. I like his lights, they are good quality at a good price.

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    In fact, his "standard" line of lights are great lights for a great price IMO. Perhaps you are correct. My handmade lights he is not going to do for production. One, he does not have the time. Two, He would not be in business selling lights for well over a grand. I am not even sure if he uses machines to make those. I will tell you that they are exquisite. I too have not a thing bad to say about him. I was just worried when I saw that. I already knew that he had a friend with a factory that made the bodies. I have no clue what Maratac has to do with him. Well, I guess it is okay because Maratac is good quality too. I know they are not making the one off lights. Of exotic metals. Since I can't find those lights on the net. I just had this stupid concern that I got some cheap lights. Just looking at them it could not be possible. I was shocked in a moment and opened my mouth without thinking. Perhaps the standard ones are distributed by Maratac or something. So, to you Rey I sincerely apologize for posting this. You remain a good guy in my opinion as always. I am terribly sorry that I went and did this to you.

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    Reylight Pineapples are made by Wuben.

    Quote Originally Posted by ReyLight
    I worked as marketing rep in Wuben company a few years ago. After I left, I designed my own lights- Brass Pineapple and Ti LAN, and had them manufacture for me. So, we are buddies.
    Countycomm is reselling Reylight Pineapple "Overruns":
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    Default Re: What is Reylights relationship with Maratac?

    Iím so confused by all of this.
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    Why? Makes perfect sense now. I apologized to the poor guy. I mean not as in he is poor but as in I just smeared his name. For no good reason. Plus I completely trust jon so I know that is legit. As also mentioned the big bucks handmade ones, are just that. I have him make one.

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