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Thread: Warmer LED for NEBO Classic?

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    Default Warmer LED for NEBO Classic?

    Hey, I don’t know much about flashlights, but I just got a NEBO Classic, I love it, I really like that it’s more of a floodlight. The only problem I have with it is that it’s more of a modern cool white light. A warmer LED would fit the “Classic” feel a lot better. My questions are:
    1. Which bulb would work in the flashlight? I want one 3000k or warmer.
    2. How do I take it apart and put in the new bulb without completely destroying the light? Here is some pics of the light disassembled (not mine)

    I would appreciate any help and advice.. wish I knew more about lights

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    Default Re: Warmer LED for NEBO Classic?

    1 depends on 2, won't know what LED is in there or if a swap is practical till someone shows one of these being non-destructively taken apart. I can't tell much from the fuzzy photos, but the LED is sufficiently obscured to avoid identification for me. Probably the route to attack would be to remove the diffuser and whatever lens is sitting on top of it. Once under there the LED and its board should be visible.

    I've been loosely interested in one of these as well, but the lack of a warm CCT emitter is pretty jarring in such a classic looking piece.

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    Default Re: Warmer LED for NEBO Classic?

    😅😬 ok I guess I might have to be the guinea pig.. Everywhere I have seen people talking about these lifhts they WANT to put in a warmer bulb but I have not seen anyone who has actually done it :/ So i guess my question is.. typically is this something that is really easy to break or mess up? If it’s something that I can do with pretty good chance of success i will but I would rather not mess with it if Im going to break it

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    Default Re: Warmer LED for NEBO Classic?

    Ok i got it apart. Can anyone help me with a bulb that will work? How do I replace it? 😬 just solder on somehow? Thanks in advance

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    good photos and good progress

    1. desolder the red and black wires to free the "star" that has the LED on it
    2. heat the star to 200C and remove the LED
    3. add solder paste to the star, place the new LED on top, and reheat the star to 200C to complete the reflow soldering of the new emitter

    what you dont know yet, is what kind of LED you want,
    and whether you need a new star for it,

    or if it has the same design footprint as the LED you removed.

    I dont know the light youre dealing with, the specs will tell you what kind of LED it has.. which may or may not matter, if you get the next LED with a matching star..

    another variable is you want the new LED to fit the centering ring...

    your next mission is to find out what LED you want, and what LED you have

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