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Thread: Wurkkos HD20- two emitter, flood/throw 21700

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    Default Wurkkos HD20- two emitter, flood/throw 21700

    I have been using this 21700 battery headlamp for several weeks now, the more I use it the better I like it. First off this was very affordable, finding a couple of discounts from a YouTube review. Yes the light is larger, but I love the longer run time, so the increased size and weight are worth the added runtime.
    This light has two emitters, a flood and a throw, both are effective individually or you can use them together. Each emitter has moonlight, low, mid, high and turbo, the CRI isnít great, but for some uses like night biking, the less harsh light is good for softening shadows. I really love using the flood in the mid bright setting around the house, not too much light with really long run time. The flood is very large with soft edges, no hot spots, very even, feels quite natural to the eye. The headband isnít bad either, the silicone holder has a thicker bottom and top, adding a shelf like cradle which seems to help stabilize, there isnít too much bounce. Because of the two emitter arrangement, this light is extremely versatile, it is made well, even comes with a battery, the total cost with two discounts was $36.74, unbelievable!

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