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Thread: Need help with rechargeable AA Lithium

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    Default Need help with rechargeable AA Lithium

    I need recommendations for a high quality rechargeable 1.5v AA Lithium for security cameras.

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    Default Re: Need help with rechargeable AA Lithium

    Greetings. I believe you are referring to the relatively new crop of AAA and AA format batteries that contain a LiIon cell and a step down circuit to present 1.5V. These usually have a built in charging port and low voltage cutoff. Sadly the few I have tried have been relatively disappointing. I have run into a couple of problems. Quality control seems to be lacking. Frequently 1 or 2 out of a pack of 4 will either fail to take a charge or go flat shortly after coming off the charger. The other problem is that while LiIon generally doesn't have a self-discharge issue, these cells seem to lose their charge on the shelf quite quickly (1-2 weeks). Perhaps others have had better luck or perhaps there is a brand I haven't tried but I can't honestly recommend these for security cameras. If the cameras won't handle traditional NiMH chemistry due to the lower (~1.2V) voltage, I'd stick with the expensive non-rechargeable Lithium primary cells.

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    Default Re: Need help with rechargeable AA Lithium

    Pale Blue. Rechargeable 1.5v AA (and AAA/D/9v) lithiums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bullyson View Post
    I need recommendations for a high quality rechargeable 1.5v AA Lithium for security cameras.
    The ones from Tenavolts seem to get good reviews. Not yet bought myself, but I will get some.
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    Default Re: Need help with rechargeable AA Lithium

    Very curious on this as well. The reviews on all the offerings from Amazon seem to be a hit or miss. While even the models which have 5 star reviews have a good number of 1 & 2 star reviews makes you wonder of the quality control of the cells.

    Would be really nice if a reputable company like Eneloop/Duracell/Energizer got into this game but is suspect the risk is too high with the Li volatility and not worth the liability headache. Hate going through non rechargeable batteries on the devices which don't run on 1.2v NiMH eneloop and similar due to lower nominal voltage.

    Also another factor to keep in mind and somewhat deceptive advertising by some sellers on Amazon and just consumer ignorance is the difference between mAh and mWh. Most consumers overlook or correlate them as the same when they actually are not.

    Amp hours (mAh) X voltage = mWh
    volts = Amps x Resistance
    Watts = Amps x Amps x resistance
    m = milli, a prefix to indicate the small amount (without the m (2800mA = 2.8A))

    The conversion from Lithium-ion ~3.7 volts to 1.5 volts: 750mAh X 3.7v=2775mWh (round up to 2800mWh, advertised by some Amazon sellers), but power is 1.5v X amps through down converter. So 2800mWh/750mAh=~3.7v

    This is a prime example of consumers thinking they are getting a 2800mAh battery when it is in fact a 2800mWh battery and the true capacity is 750mAh at the nominal 3.7 voltage of the battery. There is expected loss at the down converter but for the sake of math lets look at this conversion: 2800mWh/1.5v = 1867mAh @ 1.5v when comparing to a Eneloop NiMH for example rated at 2550mAh @ 1.2v

    Back to the OP, hoping to see more data on this as these kind of batteries become more mainstream and hopefully reliable. Will follow this thread for sure.

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