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Thread: Olight seeker 2 pro flood?

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    Default Olight seeker 2 pro flood?

    Does the seeker 2 pro have a flood beam?
    Can it be mount on bike handle bar?

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    Default Re: Olight seeker 2 pro flood?

    3000lm, 12000cd is floody. it is not a bike light but i suppose you could use it as such if you found a mounting bracket. you will blind everyone nearby with a floody beam.

    i recommend you get a bike light since the reflector is designed to have a beam pattern and cutoff, like car headlights. it usually comes with a bike mount also. most of the name brands have bike lights and there are tons of unknown brands also.

    personally, i like the designs by fenix and niterider

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    Default Re: Olight seeker 2 pro flood?

    I ride mountain bike on dark forest.

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    Default Re: Olight seeker 2 pro flood?

    with a normal flashlight, half of the light will be going up into the trees. even if less powerful, i believe a more efficient beam pattern would be better but since you have the forest biking experience, get what you think will work for you. let us know how it works out.

    although these are less lumens than the olight seeker pro 2, these are some bike lights i'd consider.




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