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Thread: Focus SL TL-3 LED?

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    Default Focus SL TL-3 LED?

    Reviews of the SL TL series lights say that the LED versions can be focussed. The TL-3 LED that I have cannot. A picture of the heads of an IL and a LED light is shown in FlashlightReviews.com. My TL-3 LED head is somewhat similar to the LED version shown, but does not have the spring. The area nearest the reflector into which the LED sets is solid. It does not look like the spring is just missing. Turning the head simply turns the light off.

    Is there more than one version of the TL-3?

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    Default Re: Focus SL TL-3 LED?

    I think you were able to focus the early TL-3 LED lights. They have since changed the design.

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    Default Re: Focus SL TL-3 LED?

    Mine has a groove around the LED where a spring might fit. YOu can get some focus room by using a wavey washer as a spring.

    I have entertained the idea of embedding a set screw in the crack between the LED holder and the body. That would work as well as the spring.


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    Yes, Chaz, there have been two versions. Variable Focus and Fixed Focus. I've had both. I think the Fixed (no spring) version came out early last fall.


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