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Thread: Banggood says factory out of stock?

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    Default Banggood says factory out of stock?

    So, I ordered a Rofis R2 from Banggood last month. Paid by card, payment received, item "in stock"... Recently they emailed me this:

    "Delivery Delay Notification
    Dear BG*********44,
    Thank you for ordering with us. We're sorry to inform you that your product is taking longer than expected to restock because of excessive demand.

    We are putting pressure on the factory to produce urgently. We will ship it as soon as the goods arrive.

    You can go to the order center to check the estimated delivery time and all related information. We will email you after the order is shipped."

    So, I dunno what to do. Anyone else had this? What think you? I've read Rofis kind of dropped off the map a few years ago, some say they no longer exist, but there seems to be other Rofis lights out there various places "in stock".
    I'm wondering if I should go ahead and cancel the order, or hang tough and see if it materialises. This is my first time buying from Banggood, would have liked to aquire the light through a local-er vendor but there are none.

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    Default Re: Banggood says factory out of stock?

    Moved to Dealer discussion area.

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    Default Re: Banggood says factory out of stock?

    Rofis changed to name of their website from "rofis" to "rofis store" dot com. They are a small outfit so like any small business, when demand exceeds production ability snags occur.
    Eh, rumor has it there's this pandemic thing going that is affecting production and distribution of goods lately as well.
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    Default Re: Banggood says factory out of stock?

    Yes, I bought an EDC18 on Nov 13`th when they had some in stock, next thing I know the shipping date is pushed back to Nov 22, then on that date it was pushed back again to Dec 8`th, then to Dec 18`th! now it`s just gone back to Nov 22 again and forgotten about.

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    Default Re: Banggood says factory out of stock?

    I was Always thinking Rofis went out of Business since end of 2019 singe no Rofis website was existing anymore...
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