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Thread: WTS: Edge Pro Apex kit, plus extras

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    Default WTS: Edge Pro Apex kit, plus extras

    I have a nice Edge Pro apex knife sharpening kit for sale! I bought it new this spring and have only sharpened about 10 knives on it. It includes a Edge Pro Apex 3 kit, Matrix 2300grit diamond stone, Magnet attachment, Apex bench mount, Apex slide guide, cube angle finder, Lock collar (for maintaining angle when switching stones) and two large strops with polishing paste. Over $450 total invested. Wonderful sharpener for all types of knives! Asking $325 with US shipping.

    The first “I’ll take it” followed by PayPal gets it! Thanks.
    SureFire - Quality and brilliance

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    Default Re: WTS: Edge Pro Apex kit, plus extras

    SureFire - Quality and brilliance

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