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Thread: 2021-share your outings

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    After hiking back out from the Parker Falls gorge, it was on to the Deer Skull and Wolfpen Falls Loop. The loop is not on the map, but sees regular use, and is easy to get back to when the "trail" disappears.
    Due to some confusion between internet sources, I am not entirely sure which named falls is which, plus there are seasonal falls with no names.
    I *think* this is Deer Skull Falls:

    Seasonal fall, taken after dark and edited:

    I camped in a narrow section of gorge, where there was a little flat spot between the "trail" and creek.

    The remainder of the loop features several falls and rock shelters just off the route, plus a brief meeting with one of the area's major trails, and the Sipsey Fork itself.

    Sipsey Fork

    Some other little falls back up in drainages along the way:

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