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Thread: A few questions about HID lights.

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    Default A few questions about HID lights.

    guys I probably used HID in the day before knowing or caring what they were, or anything about lumens. And its still a grey area having gotten into high power LED lights the last few years.

    Wondered if anyone can someone explain the theory quickly, relevant timeline of development, and how they compare to handheld LED spotlights? Any short matrix style crash course paragraph on the subject would be highly appreciated.

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    Default Re: A few questions about HID lights.

    Start here:

    LED = flat emitters, can be hard to focus, monochromatic, heat management critical in high power applications. Many claims are based on over-driven modes that work for a few seconds.
    HID = more or less point source, easier to form into a beam, wide-spectrum emitter, from UV to deep IR, heat management less complicated, can be left on for hours at a time.

    No right or wrong answer, just 2 different technologies with pros and cons. Everything depends on customer requirements.

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