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Thread: I TRIED THE ACEBEAM L18....and.....

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    Default I TRIED THE ACEBEAM L18....and.....

    It did not make me all warm and fuzzy.
    I had a CATAPULT V6 and am trying to upgrade from there.
    Looking for more throw, a blazing hot spot and some spill in the same size range

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    Default Re: I TRIED THE ACEBEAM L18....and.....

    I would suggest looking at the Noctigon K1. As for the Throw and spill that would depend on which options
    you chose. I would either go with W1 (green) if its only for throw or W2 for a more all around light. But
    you can also opt for more lumens and less throw.

    Want something smaller? Go with an LEP light for over $200 unless you buy an unbranded Neal's Gadget
    light that is still expensive and would seem to take a long time to get to the states.

    Want something cheaper? I went with a
    Manker MC13 Ultra-Throw Flashlight + USB Type-C Rechargeable 18350 10A Battery
    and also bought a 18650 tube. I got it in Green for more throw. But even with
    the 18650 this won't be a whole lot more throw than your Thrunite.
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