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Thread: Howdy from Texas!

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    Default Howdy from Texas!

    Long-time lurker, and *believe* I might have actually had an account back in the day (but not 100% sure).

    Mostly have just followed links here from Arfcom discussions, whenever lights come up.

    I've historically been more of a knives guy than a flashlights guy (as evidenced by my drawers full of the former and handful of the latter), but I find myself buying far fewer knives these days as I've finally pretty much settled on my favorites.

    Thus far, I've really/mainly only bought SureFire and Streamlight lights, but am here looking to branch out.

    For the last ~10 years, my 'daily driver' EDC light was a SureFire E2E Executive Elite... until about a week ago, when I must've lost/misplaced it somewhere.

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    Default Re: Howdy from Texas!


    Lots of stuff here to learn about. You'll see there are also more than a few ways to upgrade your Surefires (if you can find them)!

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