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Thread: Hello, new member but longtime reader

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    Default Hello, new member but longtime reader

    Hello all, I just registered but I've read posts from this forum for years.

    Lights that I have owned (some still some not), Maglites (6xD, 2xAA from over 25 years ago, 2xAAA), Coast Polysteel (200,400, and 700), Surefire E2D (first gen LED) and E2T-MV, Eagletac Clicky (TiAA, TiCR123, and an 18650 version), Nitecore (old 1xRCR123 MH), Fenix P something or other (1st gen rechargeabl micro usb port and 18650), and some other cheapies not worth mentioning.

    Current project is to see if I can get 2 Craftsman 4AA COB worklights into one body and later use 4xD cells for a home emergency flood... also testing out NiMH and Li AA's in the Polysteel 700 to see if they burn out the LED or COB sidelights.

    Latest purchase is a Nitecore i4000R which hasn't shipped yet.

    Current favorites (they are probably laughed at by most flashoholics):
    1. Go-to everything light - Coast focusable headlamp I use to work on my house when the power was off.
    2. Go-to general purpose light - Coast Polysteel 700 I last used working on replacing a fuse module and battery under the hood of my car at night
    3. EDC - Eagletac D3A Ti Clicky powerd with a Li rechargeable I use multiple times every day

    Current problem light - Eagletac 18650 Clicky... will make another post about it

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    Default Re: Hello, new member but longtime reader

    Welcome Scotty.

    I won't say beam me up……well I kinda just did. Anyway nice to have ya here.
    John 3:16

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