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Thread: Why your charger can't reach the acceptable max current in charging?

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    Default Why your charger can't reach the acceptable max current in charging?

    We noticed some customers often asked why their XTAR chargers canít reach the acceptable max current during charging. For example, VC2 supports 0.5A for 2 channels, but it is always charging with 0.3A; One customer even told his VC2S can only charge one battery at a time when he put two 18650 in. Was the charger broken? Actually, he plugged the VC2S into the the laptop USB port. Because the power supply hasnít enough output, as the first picture shows below, only one battery can be charged under 1A current, and the other battery canít be charged due to insufficient power supply.

    Besides, there are some other reasons affecting the real charging current. For example, if the charging cable is too thin or too long, there exits high internal resistance loss in the charging cable, and the current through charging cable is not enough. Then, your charger canít reach the acceptable max current. What's more, if there are dirty particles, rust or serious friction on the adapter or USB port, which leads to big internal resistance. It may also cause low current charging.


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