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Thread: Malkoff junkies! Assemble! Again... N219B M361 3000K/3500K

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    Default Malkoff junkies! Assemble! Again... N219B M361 3000K/3500K

    For those of you who couldn't, or didn't, get in on the first round of M361 drop-ins, I am doing a second round. It will be very similar to the first, but I am just going to make all the decisions and front all of the money again. If I can get a solid 20 people to agree to purchase, I will put in an order with Malkoff to make 30 drop-ins. I will have to get pricing and whatnot at a later date, but sufficiely to say, you do want one of these (again).

    What: Malkoff M361 drop-in
    Where: Right here!
    When: As soon as I can get a solid 20 people. Extras will be sold beyond the secured spots in this GB thread.
    Why: Because who doesn't love high CRI 3 mode malkoff?

    Emitter: Nichia 219B SW30 D180 L2 R9080
    Second Emitter: Nichia 219B SW35 D200 L2 R9080

    How the breakdown will probably be: 25 SW30's and 10-15 SW35's. I will be fronting all of the money, so it is hard to put forth more than about 2.5k or so for all of the drop-ins. This is a labor of love, and I won't be making money off of the drop-ins. More info to follow.


    I just got off the phone with Gene. Construction for the drop-ins are going to be $70/each. I can get the emitters for $3ish/LED, plus shipping to and from everywhere.

    PRICE: I will get these to everyone for $75 + actual shipping for everything combined, which is $8.30 for a small flat rate box + LED shipping + gene shipping to me. Multiple drop-ins obviously will be only one flat rate box, but the cost of all the shipping costs will be divided evenly between all of the group buy drop-ins, however many that is.
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