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Thread: LED input voltage reduction

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    First time poster....
    I appreciate the opportunity to learn from other forum members.
    I'm somewhat of an old timer, and am searching for a person willing to share their LED knowledge in regards to converting a 480 v. input fixture, to one using 120 v. input. The system watts listed on the nameplate of said fixture is 73 watts. I have happened upon some new GE EALP fixtures. I want to use them outdoors, and inside of my pole building. It appears to me that I could remove the fuseholders and fuses, swap out the LED driver, rewire the photo eye sensor, and have fixtures that fit my needs. If my thinking is correct, I need help in determining what driver to use to accomplish the desired result.
    Thank you for your consideration of my request for guidance.

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    There will be a power supply inside of it (LED Driver). On it will be a label with all the details, input voltage, output voltage, output current, output power. Post a picture of the label here, or likely easier elsewhere with a link and I will suggest a 120V replacement, likely to be a 120/277V replacement.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    To post pictures you have to have a link to them. Then you can either paste the link in your post, or open the "insert image" button and paste it in the dialog box that comes up.

    The latter method makes the pictures come up in the post, but forum rules require you limit the image size to 800x800 pixels.

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