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Thread: Ti Recommendations (if possible?) please!

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    Default Ti Recommendations (if possible?) please!


    New to the forum, so many apologies in advance if there is a similar thread or if this question has been covered in the past.

    I was hoping for some advice if possible and would be very grateful for any recommendations.

    OK so long story short, I really love the look of the Muyshondt Beagle (Darkwell Ti)... However, it does look like there may be a few issues regarding customer service / after sales care based on some of the posts I could find on here.

    That in combination with my being based in the UK (import duties, shipping) and Muyshondt only offering a 1 year warranty for something so expensive does put me off somewhat.

    I’m based in the UK so would ideally like to have some options whereby there is an “outpost” stockist more locally, or at least one where customer service is good (rare these days, I know) especially in terms of that price range etc.

    The other option which, did seem similar (I really like the Ti look etc.) was the BOSS 35 but unless mistaken (?), availability is a bit difficult, and again, I’m not sure if there is anything “local” to me.

    Many thanks for kindly taking the time to read this, and any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Ti Recommendations (if possible?) please!

    Hello and welcome!
    Perhaps someone on your island has a BOSS that they might sell. There may be other flashlights available that you would like. Consider posting a Want-To-Buy thread. I sold an Oveready flashlight to UK from here in the USA. It can be done.
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    Default Re: Ti Recommendations (if possible?) please!

    Have a look at McGizmo's torches in the CPF Custom Flashlight Builders section. Several different models in titanium. Top quality too.

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    Default Re: Ti Recommendations (if possible?) please!

    Many thanks indeed to you both for kindly getting back to me—great recommendations and much appreciated. Will definitely check out McGizmo for sure.

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    Default Re: Ti Recommendations (if possible?) please!

    Definetly check out McGizmo's lights as mentioned above. There is also the Prometheus Delta or the Okluma DC1. They are all three top quality lights.

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    Default Re: Ti Recommendations (if possible?) please!

    I would much rather have a McGizmo than a Beagle in your situation. The price is easier to swallow and they are designed to be easy to service and upgrade when the time comes. Not to poo on Enrique, of course. I handled a Beagle once and it was delightful.

    If the concept still interests you, keep an eye out for the Tala which is still in preproduction phase.
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    Default Re: Ti Recommendations (if possible?) please!

    Many thanks too for the additional recommendations and advice—much appreciated and will be sure to look at those options too!

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