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Thread: My latest arrivals

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    Default My latest arrivals

    The Armytek 2A Prime is a bike and EDC light.
    The 2D and 3C Maglites with only 170 lumens and good run times are great throwers. Other throwers might be better, but not for 18 hours like these. They can also do candle mode which I find a great feature. Running them on NiMhs. Very happy!

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    Default Re: My latest arrivals

    Good stuff! Keep us updated regarding your experience.

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    Default Re: My latest arrivals

    Looks nice. I personally had good experiences with the Armytek lights I had. They had nice UIs - simple and easy to use.

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    Default Re: My latest arrivals

    Crazy how a 3 cell ML25 is shorter than a 2D Maglite.

    In 2019 Maglite upgraded to classic 2D to 213 lumens with even better throw with 16 hour runtime and……a low output that appears nearly as bright with a whopping 127 hour runtime. On low the hot spot shrinks in diameter along with spill so the numbers suggest it's somewhere like 30% or something but the throw is somehow nearly as good at around 200 feet or so. Like some kind of crazy strange magic.
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    Default Re: My latest arrivals

    What's the bike mount like for the armytek? I could do with a new headlight on the bike...

    The current mags are really good. Big, but good lumens range and huge run times. I have a 2d ML300 in my work bag and I love it. Bought a few months ago and haven't need to chang the batteries even after a fair bit of use. Probably could've gotten away with a 2c to be honest, but it just doesn't seem as "Mag" to me.

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    I am just using the FB-1 from Olight. It fits my infrequent needs.

    I keep my big Mags around the house and garden. If I need a thrower I take the Manker MK41. Less runtime, but more capable, smaller and 4.4 oz lighter.

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    Default Re: My latest arrivals

    I wish I know more about constructing reflectors, but I noticed many fancy aluminium reflectors can't do what the plastic reflectors in Maglites can with less lumens.

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    Default Re: My latest arrivals

    Some YT reviews of the Armytek Prime Pro said, the batteries are moving/rattling inside.
    Nah. I just realized it is the removable magnet.

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    The Armytek Wizard Pro Warm is one of the best headlamps available in my area. I already dropped the Armytek Prime A2 a couple of times down the cellar stairs, so I do need a tough cookie such as this. I think it is really Neutral white, not warm, but at least it's not bluish. Floods really evenly. It stays in place better than the Prime A2 in a bike-mount too.

    The Manker MK41 is a great thrower and it needs taming with the diffuser at times.. The reach is perfect for my needs. I only wish it's a 4500K light but I am happy I can use AA's in it..
    It is also good for telephoto photography. The spot size will work with a 70-200 zoom lens on a crop body and even a teleconverter can be used. With a good high ISO camera it will roughly have twice the reach of the Canon 580EX II.
    I added a ball-head and a small stand, so it works also as a tabletop light.
    When needed, it really rolls up its sleeves and goes to work with 14500's, but usually I want Eneloops in it.
    I like the "dragons breath"... Also, I want to make it magnetic.

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    Default Re: My latest arrivals

    These 3500K Convoy S12's multi-task as table lamps and photography lights. It is not shown, but they are mounted on Manfrotto HD Flexible arms on Superclamps. The whole thing looks good too.

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    1) An FM "Malkoff MD-1", which I combined with a spare Malkoff MDx16.5 bezel, a first-gen Malkoff M30 (upper voltage range approaching 5-5.5v), a Malkoff hi/lo ring , a clicky SF tailcap, and first-gen "double-loop" Z26 lanyard ring. I've got an Illumination Supply 1200 stated mAh Li-ion cell in it. Compact, bright for an hour (and low is low), and easy to hang from a neck lanyard, if desired. A little bit hard to tighten down all the way (yes, I lubed) so I might end up attaching a narrow strip of Talon Grip around the smooth bezel.

    2) When I ordered the 18350 cells, I took a chance and ordered qty. 2x 850 mAh 16340 Vapcells from Illumn, to see if they could replace the aging AW stated 500 mAh 16340 cells that I used in my two A2 round-body Aviators. Alas, they were semi-snug enough going in, that I didn't feel comfortable putting them in all the way - but - I had a spare round-body battery tube (s/n A63293) that they easily slide in and out of. Yay! With the Koala onion ring comfortably handling the voltage, it's nice to get a little more runtime.
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