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Thread: what a stupid i am (GT Nano)

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    Sigh what a stupid i am (GT Nano)

    Channeling the 1968 Masters Robert De Vicenzo here:

    I just got in the mail my GT NANO and immediately turned it on and was working fine, removed battery to charge it without reading any instructions (of course) and I think I must have fried the battery by inserting it backwards into the charger. Not working now. Can someone recommend a replacement battery that is made in the U.S.? Thank you.
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    Illumn has the 10180 battery. Did your light have a manual?
    Looks like a fun light. I donít really need yet another battery type, but with batteries costing 2.95, I might consider it.
    Good luck

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    If the light didn't have a reverse protection circuit you might have fried the light instead of the batteries. I hope not though....

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