This week's challenge was proposed by Bykfixer, and endorsed by Katherine Alicia, Jean-Luc Descarte, and id30209. All credit ( blame? ) goes to these people for this challenge.

For this week, the challenge limits you to lights that either start with "E" in the manufacturer name (Energizer, Eveready, Emissar...) or else the model name starts with "E" (E01, EDC01, E2E...)

You can use any number of lights meeting the criteria, but at the start, you have to decide whether you will pick lights based on manufacturer or model. It has to be one or the other, not both. So, for instance, I couldn't use a Fenix E01 and Energizer brand lights together.

Hosts and drop-in modules (P60 type for example) may be kind of a gray area. But, I'm going to say that at least for a drop in, you can use it if the name meets the criteria. So, I've got a Lumens Factory EO-4 incan module that would be eligible.

Clear as mud? If there's questions just post them here and we'll advise you.

As for the standard "rules", it's quite a list so rather than post it all again, I'm providing this link to the rule set from the first challenge:

See first post for rules list

Addendum to Original Rule Set:

A1. The "courtesy clause". There's an exemption allowed if you must violate challenge rules in order to maintain polite relations with friends, family, coworkers, etc. So, for instance, if someone offers you a light that is outside the boundaries of the challenge, you are allowed to accept the light for that situation, since it could be considered impolite to refuse.


Seems like there was one other thing I was going to add, but it's escaped my memory at the moment.

I'll update the Addendum if I remember it.

Sorry this one is a little late; I'll typically try to get these posted by Saturday evening to allow everyone to be ready to start Sunday. However, as mentioned in the rules, the start time and duration are flexible, so don't sweat it.

That's it! Have fun!