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Thread: recommendations for floody neutral white rechargeable

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    Default recommendations for floody neutral white rechargeable

    Hello all,

    I am a home inspector and have been using Zebralight flashlights for years. I wanted a really powerful light for attics and crawlspaces (blech). So, after a bunch of searching, I found the Wowtac A5. 3000 lumen floody with neutral white. Also, rechargeable with a standard micro usb cable. love it. especially for the price which was $50 or less. got a second one a month ago and it no longer will go into turbo mode. yes, I realize you get what you pay for and, naturally, the warranty is terrible etc etc.

    so, I am now on the hunt for a replacement with the following requirements:

    - small like the zebralights (mine use 18650) or the wowtac (uses a 26650). need to be small to fit into my old elastic cell phone holster because of ease and speed of access. as you can imagine, during the course of an inspection, I am putting it in the holster and removing it dozens if not a hundred times (depending on the size of the house).

    - MUST be floody, I have no use for a thrower
    - Neutral white - around 4500k-ish as cool white is absolute torture on my eyeballs and moisture stains on ceilings etc are harder to see
    - side click switch
    - minimal to no parasitic drain
    - turbo into the 3,000 lumen range or more

    - rechargeable would be nice - I have really appreciated that in the Wowtac A5. so much more convenient than taking out batteries etc. I have become slightly addicted to this feature so, not a deal killer but much preferred

    I know zebralight has some options to which I will default if necessary but due to price and the lack of rechargeability, I am looking for an alternative. And I know this is the place for expert opinions.

    Thank you!!!

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    Default Re: recommendations for floody neutral white rechargeable

    no idea what fits in your holster thing.

    if it's a light you're using all the time, why not make it a good one with the most efficient driver you can find?

    zebralight SC700d (3klm max output) is plently floody for me. i would not call it a thrower.
    but they make the SC700Fd as well if you want frosted lens.

    at 5kK, might be a little too cool in temp for you though, so you might need to look outside of ZL if you need 3klm
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    Default Re: recommendations for floody neutral white rechargeable

    acebeam EC65 nichia 219c cri90+, USB-C, holster, battery incl. $103.90 shipped

    thrunite T2 neutral white, 3000+ lumens, deep carry clip, USB-C, battery incl. $60.76 shipped.
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    Default Re: recommendations for floody neutral white rechargeable

    Sofirn If25a. Available with 95 cri sst20 emitters, has usbc charging.

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