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Thread: SOLD: McGizmo LunaSol 27

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    Default SOLD: McGizmo LunaSol 27

    SOLD - McGizmo LunaSol 27. Purchased here by me in 2010, sitting on my desk ever since. Works perfectly. Standard clip. Tritium good/functional on tail. 2 stage light, and a classic for your collection.

    Condition - I think excellent, but a collector who holds his lights with silk gloves and keeps them in a hermetically sealed chamber might disagree. Normal hairline and superficial markings, various, as one would expect after 12 years and light/occasional use.

    Asking 500 via Paypal which includes shipping in the Continental US. Alaska/Hawaii - a little bit more for shipping. No international, please.


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    Default Re: FS: McGizmo LunaSol 27

    I will take it.

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    Default Re: FS: McGizmo LunaSol 27

    I know it won’t do me any good, but backup please
    Congrats Sidfishez! Enjoy brother!

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    Default Re: FS: McGizmo LunaSol 27

    The McGizmo is McSOLD!

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    Default Re: FS: McGizmo LunaSol 27

    Received and happy to have this Lunisol 27. Thanks pilotnsc!!

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    Default Re: SOLD: McGizmo LunaSol 27

    Dang!!! Congrats on the pickup!
    Missed the other one earlier this week as well

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