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Thread: SOLD: Macís Customs Ti Tri-EDC w/LUX-RC 371D

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    Default SOLD: Macís Customs Ti Tri-EDC w/LUX-RC 371D

    Macís Customs Titanium Tri-EDC w/ LUX-RC 371D light engine

    I've had this torch since Sept 2013. Over the years itís had several light engines and a few different mods. This has been a labor of love but I think itís finally time for us to part ways. Iíve done my best to document everything below but if you have any questions, please feel free to PM me. I hope whoever receives this light enjoys it as much as I have.

    Includes all the spare parts, batteries, and extras listed below. The 18350's are getting old and I recommend replacing them with KeepPower or Orbtronic IMR 18350 cells. I will reset the engine to the Oveready/LUX-RC factory default for single cell configuration. You can flash whatever configuration you like via the LUX-RC NXS R1 programming interface.

    shipped within the US. If you are international, shoot me a PM. ***SOLD***


    • LUX-RC 371D light engine (Cree XP-L HI 4200K U6 5B4, Amber aux LED) installed by Tana. Same Oveready V5 light engine used in BOSS
    • C145 Tellurium Copper (CuTe) heatsink by mcbrat
    • Sapphire crystal lens (1.5mm)
    • Titanium boot retention ring by PhotonFanatic
    • Blue Fluorosilicone O-ring (size -017)

    • 5x AW IMR 18350 800mAh cells (circa 2014/2015)
    • 3x AW IMR 18350 700mAh cells (circa 2013)
    • Extra McClicky switch, boot, and original delrin retention ring
    • Original 2mm mineral glass crystal lens
    • Esslinger #107 flat lens gasket
    • Carclo 10507 TIR lens
    • DuPont Krytox GPL205 grease
    • Oveready delrin battery capsule (18350/16340/CR123A)
    • Needle nose pliers
    • Data sheet for the LUX-RC 371D engine
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