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Thread: Fenix PD36R side button feels weak

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    Default Fenix PD36R side button feels weak

    I bought a PD36R before and assumed it was faulty because the side button felt so mushy compared to the solid feed of the PD35 v2.0.
    I now have another brand new one, this time in different packaging (came with the free E01) and itís slightly better than the previous one but still doesnít feel as solid and clicky as the PD35 v2.0ís button.
    Can anyone else confirm this? Also how is longevity on the 36R, any reports of issues with the side button?

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    Default Re: Fenix PD36R side button feels weak

    I have a PD36R, I have never owned any other Fenix so can't compare in that manner, however mine clicks just fine. I just tried it and mine works like this. You can push it down slightly before feeling the click, when you let go you again can feel the click. It is not super stiff in any way but its not mushy at all in my opinion. I have had this light since last spring, ( I think ) and feel its a superb flashlight. I wish Fenix would add moonlight mode through a shortcut.

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