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    Hi everyone been awhile. I'm looking for a 365nm uv light. I want to use it for multiple things. I would like to find upperrocks.Make things glow to name a few. Has anyone used the uvbeast or lumenshotter 365nm. Or does anyone have any suggestions. Thanks Jim

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    Wurkkos WK30
    The specs may still say ~390 but they recently changed to 365.

    It can "see" things that my other UV lights cannot.
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    I bought a Tattu U1S UV which includes a 365nm LED and a Woods Glass filter. It's fairly inexpensive and has a lot of UVA output. The only downside is a splotchy beam pattern but it's one of the brightest 365nm flashlights that I own. No trouble finding things that glow under this wavelength.

    If you're interested in fluorescent rocks, you might also want to consider a filtered UVC light. There are more rocks that glow under UVC excitation than UVA.

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