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Thread: Fishing light AAA or AA

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    Default Fishing light AAA or AA

    Looking for a red 1 x AAA (or AA, but AAA preferred) light to clip to the brim of a ball
    cap for night fishing. A couple output modes would be good. Decent water resistance a plus.
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    Default Re: Fishing light AAA or AA

    Sofirn makes a red AAA keychain light I think single mode only for under $10 C01 and make a
    C01R has 3 modes uses an SST20 emitter for $10 plus shipping. I don't think there is a CF dealer of their products.
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    Default Re: Fishing light AAA or AA

    As far as I know, they don't have any type of brick and mortar presence. I know they sell through Amazon and their own web page.
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