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Thread: Challenge Week #3: Throwers Only! Got Throw??

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    Ooo Challenge Week #3: Throwers Only! Got Throw??

    Thrower: A light with a beam profile which concentrates most of the output into a center "hot spot", to send more intensity far down range for distant illumination. The D and C cell Maglites are well-known examples of this type of light.

    Good for lighting things far away; not so good for lighting things that are only a few feet in front of you, since the spill beam tends to be overpowered by the much brighter hotspot, which is very small at close range.

    The Challenge: This week, use only "thrower" types of lights! It can be any number of lights, any output range, but the lights used must all have the "thrower" beam profile.


    Don't base this on lux numbers alone! Many recent lights have high lux numbers just because they have a huge lumen output, but the beam profile is actually more of a flood light! The beam profile of a thrower should look more like this:



    Stock SureFire 6P incan module (6V) in a SolarForce host

    These old-school examples should give the idea. There are many lights out there right now being marketed as "throwers" but if you look at their Lux-to-Lumen ratio, it's actually less (often significantly less) than the lights above. For example, the TK20 has been measured at about 6000 lux on its 150 lumen output. So Lux/Lumen = 40. You can use that as a rough guide to see how effective any given "thrower" really is.

    Many newer lights that I checked have ratios more like 15 lux/lumen, so a true thrower may be harder to find than you think!


    The challenge this week will make us get creative at using a thrower beam for all tasks, not just long range/outdoor use. Using beam modifiers (diffusers, tape, etc) is NOT allowed. --edited to change this from original post, after reconsideration; see later posts below.

    Rules list can be found in the first post here (I added an item as an addendum to the original set):

    Link to Thread with Rules List

    That's it! Have fun!
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