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Thread: Good CRI Thrower usable with rifle scope

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    Default Good CRI Thrower usable with rifle scope

    I am looking for a smallish thrower that will not spill out and white out the view through my rifle scope when using to ward off critters at night. Single 18650, 2 AA, 2AAA, (or their LiON equivalents) would even entertain 21700 lights except I already own a nightcore D2 charger and would prefer not to have to upgrade the charger as well. I will mainly be using this light with my 10/22 for pest/varmint control but need it to have good enough color reproduction that I can tell the difference between the pets striped fur and a coons at 50-100 yards. It doesn't have to be a "High CRI" light, as long as it works due to temp/tint/whatever else contributes to this. My current lights either don't throw far enough or the one that does is bright white making identification of any color nuance impossible. Plus they both spill so much as to make it nearly impossible to see through my scope. I'd prefer to spend $50 or less on this but willing to go twice that if it's twice the light, not willing to +100% cost for +15% improvement. There are just so many new concepts out there right now I know nothing about and I'm not sure what is science and what is snake oil anymore.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions and taking the time to read my rambles.

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    The Nitecore MH25GT is a little higher than your price range but it has a pretty tight hotspot and is good at those ranges, uses an 18650 (although it has onboard charging with a micro USB), and I don't notice a significant tint in any mode. I think it's marketed in the US for hunting. I have one, but have only been playing with it for a few days. I think they are going to come out with an MH25S or something like that with a 21700 soon. I think the more recent MH25GTS has a floodier beam/more spill from reading the description... it also has a smaller reflector than the GT.

    If you go for it, I noticed (I haven't cleaned mine yet) that the head needs to be loosened at least 1/3 turn to cleanly get the lower modes. Also, switching modes is easiest with a half press rather than a full press.

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    Default Re: Good CRI Thrower usable with rifle scope

    Wondering if Eag Tac might be a good choice. Illumination Gear has different emitter options. Sending them an email might get answers, though maybe a member here can help as well.

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    50-100 yards isnít what I consider a thrower unless you just want a narrow beam profile? Might hinder peripheral vision though. Anyways I just potted a convoy c8+ xpl hi for basically the same purpose and it turned out great. Probably should replace the large glass lens with something less breakable still but otherwise itís pretty much good to go. Very tight thrower and the 1 inch body will fit many mounts.

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    I ended up dipping my toe into the DIY realm for this one, UF T-20 aspherical zoomie that I put a Nichia 319AT d400 5000k in with qlite driver with guppydrv firmware. Doesn't beam as much as I thought it would but it does reduce spill significantly. Pretty significant ringing which honestly doesn't bother me at all, it is there though.

    The tree in the picture is about 100 yards. The camera doesn't really do the light justice, colors are definitely more discernible than with my other bright white light so this is better but not quite there yet. I wonder if removing the dome on this Nichia would make it better...

    Pictures don't appear to be showing up.🙄
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    So I briefly read about slicing the dome off Nichia leds and gave it a shot. Cut it all off. All the phosphor and everything. Had a nice blue LED that I was not pleased with but when the ice and snow knocked out our power intermittently for a week it saw some use anyways.

    Ordered a handful of different LEDs to try out as replacements and they arrived yesterday along with a S2+ host and a second T-20. I currently have a Samsung LH351D 5000K 90+ CRI in the S2+ and an Osram flat white in one of the T-20s. Going to put a CREE XP-L HI U4 3000K in the other T-20 and wait for it to get dark and test them out.

    If anyone could enlighten me to the ways of posting the pictures I would post some testing shots, and I also have a question about the T20 with the osram in it. It has a super bright thin ring of light that spills out at nearly 90 degrees from the head, all the way around. Is this due to the emitter/host combo not being compatible or is this a common problem with an easy solution I haven't found yet?

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