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Thread: SOLD: Brand New Aluminum CWF Arcadian

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    Default SOLD: Brand New Aluminum CWF Arcadian

    Aluminum CWF Arcadian. Samsung 5000k primaries and amber secondaries. Dragon driver, McClicky switch, sapphire lens, titanium clip. SOLD.

    JUST got it in the mail yesterday and come to find out the dragon driver doesn’t really do it for me. Next on my list is the H17Fx. Would consider a trade for H17Fx equipped light. Been buying, trying and flipping a lot lately. Trying to find my "grail" UI.


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    Default Re: FS: Brand New Aluminum CWF Arcadian

    Little price drop to $285. Where else are you going to find a brand new dragon under $300?!?! AND no wait for build!!

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