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Thread: Modern Technology and times

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    My secretary could do 60 WPM and out-type the typewriter, until I got her an IBM Select-type. To change the fonts, you changed the print ball.

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    Default Re: Modern Technology and times

    Wow! been while since I`v seen an old Golf ball printer, I think the Daisy Wheel came next IIRC?

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    Pretty cool! I picked up an old IBM Selectric II from work. Mint. I have no use but didn't want to see it just get trashed.

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    I learned to touch type in high school on an electric typewriter with manual return and got up to 55 WPM. I did faster on a computer because I didn't have to take a hand off the keyboard to hit return which at times got me on the wrong keys for a second or two. I rarely write anything these days other than short notes as messing with a note program/app takes more effort for me than writing a line on a pad.
    I think the one huge step in tech was computer printers they were the game changer in printing as you could create or download text files and print them on demand. I think a new tech is around the corner 5 years out and that is projection tech on phones. Imagine a low res imaged of what is on your phone projected a few feet in front of you and a bluetooth remote. It would make reading things easier as you could project them to a lot larger size for easier reading, maybe even project movies and games from phones and tablets even.
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    Popular Mechanics predicted projection keyboards and screens from smart phones would be 'normal' in 10 years back around 2006. Still waiting……

    The printer can now produce a heart, a gun, a traffic cone, all kinds of things. I'm still not on board with a 3D printer (as I'm still trying to learn how to program my vcr) but definitely admire the process.
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