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    Hi Everyone,

    I would like to talk today about a store named Illumn. The store is a flashlight and EDC gear store, which

    is in San Jose, California. A store is only as good as the owner. Illumn is owned by a man named Craig. In

    my dealings with Craig, I have found him to be honest, knowledgeable and eager to help. These qualities

    translate into a very pleasant shopping experience. Two weeks ago, I purchased an Acebeam X-70 for

    the great sale price of $342. I have found the 60,000 lumen X-70 at other stores and websites from

    between $550 and $650. The sale price is still going on at the Illumn store for $342 for the complete kit

    including a case and the handle fan. The lights are now on back-order because they sold out very

    quickly. When I tested out my new Acebeam X-70, I tested it in my living room. I wore very dark

    sunglasses, and I am glad I did, otherwise the X-70 could have damaged my eyes. I do not recommend

    testing indoors. Extreme caution should be used when operating the X-70. It is a monster of a light! My

    son said he finally gets my addiction to high powered lights when he used the new X-70. Craig, also,

    from time to time, offers discount codes for his large assortment of lights and gear. I am always looking

    for sales and good prices on lights. Illumn, most of the time, has the best prices around. I ordered my

    Acebeam X-70 at approximately 4:00 a.m. The next day, I wanted to add to my order but could not

    because within 12 hours of ordering, Craig already shipped my order. When I received my light, Craig

    emailed me to see if everything was good with the light. He wanted to know if I was happy with my

    purchase and if there was anything, I needed help with. In my opinion, a guy like Craig and his store

    Illumn deserve our support and patronage. Heck, a lot of stores will not even email back in a timely

    manner. The only bad thing I can say about the Illumn store is that it is not down the street from my

    house. LOL. So, my advice is, the next time you are thinking about purchasing a new light, check out

    Craig at Illumn store. They can be reached at

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    I agree with Jim 1965's endorsement of Illumn. I've purchased numerous lights and power cells from the site, and received uniformly excellent service.

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    Illumn is on my short list of flashahol suppliers. Highly recommended.

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    It's good to hear there are still some good dealers out there. I've been buying from Battery Junction for years but no more after they dropped the ball on a warranty replacement; I'm waiting 6 months and counting. Is there a website for Illumn? I am looking for a new reputable dealer now.
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    Search 'illumn'

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    First order placed with them. Lets see how they do!

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    cant say im impressed at this point

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