Hey all,

Basically need some advice on my next McGizmo purchase, thinking 1 or 2 additional lights. Fair warning, I'm both interested/open to a lot of combos which makes me bounce all over the place.

I purchased my first McGizmo back in 2013 and have been super happy with it. Don helped me choose a Haiku 6V HiCri with a 2x123 McClickie pak and it's been my primary light. I like the form factor of the 2xcr123 pack as it fits my hands well (especially with the tether that Don used to make) and it fits in my pocket with ease. The flashlight is primarily used for dog walks and general use. Every now and then I might use it for photography and love the color accuracy of the HiCri.

Two questions:
1. What should my next light be? I'm trying to decide on the next light(s). I'm intrigued by a few things:
  • For heads, I'm between: Haiku, mule, and the new Mahi head seems very cool but some concern about fitting in a pocket.
  • I have no issue with getting another 2x123 McClickie but I'm intrigued by the shape of the 1x123 McClickie but also tempted by the 2xAA since AAs are easy to find.
  • I might throw in a Sapphire as well as that seems to be super handy.

2. What kind of rechargeable battery should I get for my current and future McGizmos? I've tried searching around for battery recommendations and I'm pretty confused. Seems like I should get a either 2x16340s or a 17670 protected battery but then I saw a few threads where fit was an issue. What's the general consensus for a good rechargeable battery for the 2x123A, 1x123A and the 2xAA?
Thanks all for the help! I spent a while searching through threads and I think it's time to ask for some help!