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    Hello and thanks again for letting me join.
    As I said in my introduction message, Iím currently waiting for a code 4 (LA screw) to arrive from eBay USA. Iím U.K. based. Iím very excited as Iíve wanted one for 40 years!! In the early 1980ís my mum bought me a 5D cell maglite, and it arrived with some product info on Code 4 lights. They sounded like tough items. The phrase- uses flat gaskets that wont bind or seize like O rings- is still in my mind even though Iíve not seen that product leaflet for so many years.
    Wish I could have afforded one then!!

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    Iíve noticed several threads about an LA screw products salesman who has parts, and possibly complete flashlights available! I canít see any contact info though? Does anyone know how to buy stuff from him please? Thanks in advance...

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    I will contact member Liftd4R to see if he still knows how to get in touch with Ed Tor who was a rep for LA Screw as I have long since lost his contact info.
    Any part in particular that you seek?

    Welcome to the site btw. The Code 4 was a nice flashlight.
    John 3:16

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    Some more info on LA Screw products, of which I was completely unaware:

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    I wonder whoís taking care of the warranty since it says lifetime warranty on the package
    a single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows- St. Francis of Assissi

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    Oh thanks that would be great!
    No particular part yet as I still have not received my package from state side as yet. I'm anticipating seal damage or something minor.

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    But, I would love to make up a 4D Smoke cutter...! From new parts,yum yum !

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    Itís here!! After 40 years of waiting...
    Code 4 arrived today! Well I canít believe it after so long I have an LA Screw products Code 4.
    There are some issues, I will admit, but first the plus points, and there are many.
    I donít know how these were priced compared to Maglites, but the build quality is second to none. The wall diameter of the battery tubes is nearly 4 mm in thickness. The finish is more akin to a S&W revolver than a torch(sorry, flashlight). All very solid and confidence inspiring. Knurling is deep and very grippy, extending over all the modular tubes even continuing uninterrupted onto the the tail cap.
    A total surprise was that the innermost portion of the reflector has two rows of diamond like facets, presumably to soften and mellow the spot.
    Now for the not so good. There are a few gouges to the bodywork, but nothing that couldnít be described as characterful! The body tube seals have seen better days and are starting to perish, one of them between the head and first battery tube is actually missing- absent without leave. I think the lens is from a different light. At 49.3 mm in diameter it is too small, actually leaving a gap between it and the bezel that you can get your fingernail down!! The reflector has a threaded collar for some reason, and this is actually split. Someone has Ďkindlyí polished the reflector at some stage and left many scratches... Unfortunately the switch seals are stiff and on their last legs.
    Despite these minus points I am happy to make the acquaintance of my very own Code 4!
    Shopping list: new seals all round, new reflector and appropriate lens.Oh yes, thereís no seal between the front surface of the lens and the inner surface of the bezel- is that right?

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    Good to hear it arrived.
    Is the switch a clicky or red on one side of the barrel and black on the other that you push one way or the other for off/on? The clicky is from when GT Price had bought them. The two side was an LA Screw idea.
    The stock reflector does have 2 rows of pattern.

    You can probably use FelPro gasket sheets and make your own new gaskets for now.
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    Hi bykfixer.
    It's the two sided switch. It was described on ebay as a 3 cell, but luckily for me it's actually a 4, which I much prefer.
    I'll have to search how to disassemble the switch as I can't see how it's done by looking. If I can't find new switch seals, I'll leave the switch alone as I think they will crack.
    I'll put the battery tubes through the large ultrasonic cleaner at work Monday, and get them nice and clean..
    I'll tell you what, a 7 cell must have been an impressive beast. Did you manage to get Ed Tor's contact details bykfixer?

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    The email address I had for Ed came back no longer valid.

    Regarding the switch covers, it seems they were simply placed onto the light and held on with small dabs of miracle glue. They weren't very flexible. Especially the red one. So even new ones wouldn't be much better. The bulb retainer portion of the reflector did not originally have a fastener screw so you could swap out bulbs faster.

    You describe deep knurling on the barrel so it sounds like you have one of the earlier models. At some point they backed off on how aggressive the knurling was since police input said the aggressive knurling created drag when deploying the light from a holster.

    Later Brinkmann made a Code 4 but it was not called Code 4, but simply Brinkmann 3D.

    The Code 4

    PM heading your way.
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    Thanks for the info regarding my recent code 4 purchase, but Iím still a bit confused. Can anyone verify the diameter of the code 4 lens, and wether there should be a gasket in front of the lens, as in a maglite, or does the lens just push directly against the bezel/ face cap with no rubber seal?

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    The reflector has a gasket surrounding it.

    A Code 4 reflector with surrounding gasket.
    A reflector from a mid size Kel Lite head will work. The gasket is extra. So will reflectors from D sized Bright Star, Fulton's, Homart's, Hipco's, Tru Value, Ranger, Burgess, and some other chrome flashlights from the 1950's to the 1980's. A whole bunch of companies bought their reflectors from Bright Star. Eveready and Rayovac do not work as they have a proprietary reflector.

    Top is a Code 4 lens. Below is a Maglite lens
    The lens is about 51.5mm. A 52.1 Maglite reflector will work. In about 1972 or 73 Kel Lite made a mid size head that ended up being the standard size for numerous flashlights including Tru-Grit, Bianchi, Maglite, Streamlight and LA Screw.
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    Thanks bykfixer. Yes I have the gasket that surrounds the reflector. The lens sits on that and then the reflector and lens are fitted into the face cap. But.. does the lens make direct contact with the metal of the face cap; in a maglite for example, thereís an o ring in there.
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    My Code 4 does not have a gasket or o'ring between the lens and bezel.
    John 3:16

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    Thatís interesting bykfixer. You wouldnít think it was 100 foot waterproof like that, but obviously the plastic lens seals itself. Funny that a maglite has a seal there, AND lower down on the face cap, neither of which a code 4 has, yet is not waterproof?!
    Well Iíve made some good progress today! Replaced the missing tube seal with an o ring. Cleaned the 3 remaining seals in isopropyl alcohol, then soaked them in pellgun oil and refitted. Found a spare maglite lens and fitted that; the one supplied was 49.3 mm!
    New batteries, turned on .. nothing! Noticed that it would light if I removed the top body seal. Eventually repositioned the two adjustable Ďearsí on the top copper contact in the head and works now.
    Its more of a charcoal grey colour, not black like a maglite. Serial number 114281.

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    Fulton used a rubber gasket around the lens for the MX-991 and called it water proof for military lights they introduced during the Korean conflict. Bright Star used it for their yellow Coast Guard lights. That was in the late 50's and early 60's.

    Maglite introduced the o'ring between the lens and bezel with their all new reflector. Nobody had done the cam like Tony did, or the o'ring. He also intriloduced a self lubricating clicky switch. You've gotta remember that LA Screw was around when the alluminum sprinkler pipe body flashlight was being invented so many ideas we consider normal were either not invented yet or were brand new. Don Keller inovated the rubber gasket on the tail cap of an alluminum body in the mid 70's with his Bianchi B-Lites but Fulton had already done that in the 1960's with plastic body lights and Bright Star with intrinsically safe lights.

    Back then flashlights were water resistant at best. Dropped in a puddle or shallow water, they'd be ok breifly. It was when the 2nd set of o'rings came along that a flashlight could be truely waterproof. I believe it was SureFire that started that but have not researched to see if it had already been done.
    John 3:16

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    Your answers are always very informative and erudite!
    I bet Maglites are a lot more waterproof than they suggest?
    Iíll be looking for a nice Bianchi in the future. I like the ones with the red switch on the head.
    Its funny but all the lights you suggested for the replacement reflector, are all new to me here in the U.K. But the two you said were no good for a code 4, I have heard of!!

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    I'm a flashlight collector William and being in the US it's easy to find vintage flashlights of many brands that have long since gone away. I spent a good part of a year or more studying old flashlights from around 1915 to the 1960's. Then I studied flashlights from the 60's to the LED took over.
    At one point I realized I had an incan flashlight brand for every letter of the alphabet accept Y because and Z I never wanted anything Yale made before they merged with Olin and Wincester. And I do not know of any brand of vintage light that started with Z.

    A few of us here put together a thread called Vintage California Cop Lights in order to chronicle brands like LA Screw.
    I saw on eBay a listing for a Code 4 that showed a brand new looking box but the light was their Power Probe, not a Code 4. I also saw one that said Smoke Cutter but it was black. Smoke Cutters were red with a silver switch assembly.
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    Ha! Youíve got all the good stuff over there!!
    How about Zebra light!

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    They're an LED light company. I meant pre-LED flashlights.
    John 3:16

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    Of course.. I forgot.. my mistake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by William 1 View Post
    Iíll be looking for a nice Bianchi in the future. I like the ones with the red switch on the head.
    That would be the "Super B-Lite". Very nice flashlight.

    Here is some info on that one.

    Hopefully it won't be 40 years before you score one of those. In the meantime, enjoy that Code 4.
    John 3:16

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    Haha! Iíll be 99 by then, so I hope so too .....
    thanks again for the information.

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    Hopefully this discussion can help somebody down the road some day when they have questions about an LA Screw Code 4
    John 3:16

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