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Thread: Pila GL4 upgrade to LED?

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    Default Pila GL4 upgrade to LED?

    Iíve had this GL4 for a LONG time. Iím looking for a drop-in solution to get more light out of it: with fresh cells the light output is worthless. Bonus if there is a way to run 18650s with new LED.
    I search the forum and there is too much and too old info. Maybe Im a bit lazy but not totally...I did try. I would consider sending this off to a Dr Flashenstein for upgrade surgery if it wasnt too expensive.
    Can anyone give me the definitive word on an economical route to better light out of this thing?

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    Default Re: Pila GL4 upgrade to LED?

    Iirc the GL4 uses a D36 dropin that "should" (?) be replaceable by standart D36 LED dropins, unless you have a LED switch instead of a clicky. Check Lumensfactory, they usualy mention if their Dropins can be used with the GL4.
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