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Thread: Getting a red "patina" on a raw Cu light

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    Default Getting a red "patina" on a raw Cu light

    I have a copper FW3A light and I accidentally found a way to get a nice shinny "red" color going vs. flat brown. Copper can do either, just look at old cents for sale on EBay.

    Anyway, this light has always been very touchy about how it is assembled and tightened. Otherwise the light sees the thumb button as on and it just ramps up and stays at maximum till it's disassembled. And it had jammed on and I hadn't noticed. I tried to pick it up to unscrew the light but it was almost too hot to touch, much too hot to grab firmly and unscrew. The heat had made it very tight. Quickly tried an oven mitt, it was getting way too hot. Then it occurred to me -- O-rings, waterproof. So I put it under the spout and ran cold water over it. Cooled so I could touch it and I unscrewed it.

    And I am happy to say the copper has taken on a nice "red" clear tint, nothing profound but nice.

    Your results may vary.
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    Default Re: Getting a red "patina" on a raw Cu light

    Pic please? I have a copper fw3a also

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