I've recently purchased a short sample of this style of LED strip:


What I like about it is how thin it is compared to the ones that have that have the bulky silicone cover. Another advantage is that the LEDs in this are so close together that they are harder to distinguish. The problem with this design is the intensity somehow looks higher despite not being that bright. Compared to the more common style with 30 LEDs per half metre through transparent silicone, this effectively diffuses it a bit better due to having far more LEDs close together, but throws it out over a wider angle. Putting it under the same shelf as my old one shows a problem due to it looking so intense side on.


Funnily enough, I experimented with white PVC tape, and that more or less gets rid of the problem of the glare, but can't be a long term solution. I am aware there are many options of LED diffusers, but I plan to have this LED strip across the whole width of my shelf, and the gap above my 2 speakers is less than 10mm. All I effectively need is something to block them sending the light out directly sideways. Like a lip or something I can easily fit on to my shelf. Even very shallow conduit I have without the lid would do the job, but just wouldn't look very tidy.

Can anyone suggest of a reasonably simple way of hiding them? I basically just need something to stick down in front of them another 3 - 5mm or something and that will be fine. Diffusers would be great if I had more space, although they are expensive.