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Thread: Olight Warrior X Pro suddenly dead.

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    Default Olight Warrior X Pro suddenly dead.


    First of all I want to apologise to the mods because I posted this question in the wrong place earlier (whoops!)

    Ok, so I bought the Olight Warrior X Pro about a week ago, it was working fine. It has only had minimal use.

    Tonight...nothing. Thought maybe I had left it on in a drawer all night or something, but it won't charge (charge cable stays green), unscrewed and re fitted the tail, the big nut type thing is fitted correctly. I tested the battery with a multimeter, it reads 4.07v so almost full!

    Is there anything I have missed?

    I have emailed Olight, just wondering if I've missed something

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    Default Re: Olight Warrior X Pro suddenly dead.

    Sounds like a continuity loss somewhere. Take the tailcap off and measure resistance between the battery contact and the outer contact ring that meets the body. It's a bit of a balancing act, but use one hand to hold both leads inside the cap and the other to operate the button. Should be open circuit without pressing the button. I get 1.01k ohm when half pressing and around .255k ohms full press (whatever that translates to when you move the decimalómy MM is auto-ranging).

    Next, with the battery inserted in the light and the tailcap removed, measure voltage between the flat negative end and the flashlight body. I get 3.93v measured directly on the battery, and 3.73 between the negative end and the flashlight body.

    Post your results here.
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    Default Re: Olight Warrior X Pro suddenly dead.

    I know it may sound simplistic, but did you insert the battery correctly? As in the correct end toward the head? If I recall correctly all of their newer lights also can be easily disabled by the slightest rotation of the tailcap or even the the tube to head fitting. My Warrior Mini can at least. Only about 1mm of movement or less disables the tail switch on my Mini.

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