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Thread: MS18 at night in blackout town

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    At night when the town is out of power, MS18 can illuminate your world, who own IMALENT MS18,who is winner!

    Learn more:https://www.imalentstore.com/product...men-flashlight


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    Some of us enjoy being losers

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    Quote Originally Posted by knucklegary View Post
    Some of us enjoy being losers
    And some of us would be happy if Imalent would replace a flashlight that was received DOA, and then mailed back with an RMA, after sending a clear video of what was wrong. They refuse to honor the warranty, saying that the package with the broken flashlight might have gone to another vendor in their warehouse, and "no one will help them look for it". Final outcome....Imalent won't make things right, and the customer is out the funds paid for the flashlight along with the cost of shipping their defective product back to them. I'm not the only one on these threads reporting their extremely poor customer service!
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