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    I would like to talk about Mateminco's customer service. Mateminco customer service is ran by a man named Ben Tang. I have had the pleasure of dealing with Ben several times. I have only been on the flashlight scene since the end of November. Also, I didn't have much experience in ordering online. The first time I dealt with Ben, I was ordering couple of things that were not on the website and I was having a hard time understanding what I needed to do. Ben, even though I am sure he wanted to reach through the phone and strangle me , took the time until I understood. He walked me through the process and I received my order in 14 days.Then, I fried my Mateminco mt18s. Ben made sure I ordered the correct parts, which once again were not on the website. Also, he got me a great deal on a Mateminco mt70 plus head that I can use on an extension tube, that I purchased earlier, once I receive replacement disc for my mt18s. Mateminco is much easier to communicate with than Astrolux. Except for some minor differences, the Mateminco and Astrolux are the same light, manufactured by same company. Communicating with Astrolux is almost impossible and when you do get lucky to get a response they can't answer your questions. Ben Tang doesn't have that issue. Ben is great and REALLY know his stuff.I
    have learned to trust everything he says. Every question I asked, he answered and I asked MANY. Ben even knew the answer to questions I didn't know I needed to ask. So I want to thank Ben Tang and Mateminco for the great service and great products. Jim

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    That's great. Glad there are still some good people out there.
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