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Thread: Case for 26650 for FourSevens MX-?

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    Default Case for 26650 for FourSevens MX-?

    Hi everybody,
    I am thinking of getting one (or two) of the upcoming FourSevens MX-S/MX-3 series lights, which sound awesome. Any recommendations for some sort of case/container for spare 26650s? I have battery lockers through illumn (18650, AA, AAA) and overready (18350); I would prefer something similar (durable and sealed versus liquids) since weird doodoo happens to me.
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    Default Re: Case for 26650 for FourSevens MX-?

    Screw-top pill bottles. If you really want them to be water proof you can always add a rubber gasket or use thread seal tape.

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    Default Re: Case for 26650 for FourSevens MX-?

    Thank you, Lt Commander!

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    Default Re: Case for 26650 for FourSevens MX-?

    You might think this is me pulling your leg but Iíve been researching a number of battery vaults and at this time my conclusion is a second flashlight is also a good storage mechanism for a spare and also produces light.

    An Emisar or Astrolux would do this job very well.
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