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Thread: Pelican M6 Twisty won't power Malkoff M61

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    Default Pelican M6 Twisty won't power Malkoff M61

    I'm troubleshooting an issue I'm having with an older Pelican M6, a 2320 with the screw in lamp module and twisty switch. I've been loving the quality of light from the incan, and having a focusable beam in a pocket-sized light, but the cost of batteries is a downer.
    So, I ordered a Malkoff M61 Neutral Low-low. It showed up earlier this week.

    I dropped it in, everything went together just fine. Screwed the head down a little further than it goes with the bulb module and pressed the button...


    My first thought was, maybe the module's not getting a good enough ground to the frame of the light. Busted out some copper tape, gave the drop-in and the threads a quick layer (careful to keep it far away from the spring and battery terminals) and put it back together.


    Tried to bypass the switch -


    So, there's some kind of issue in the switch. Which doesn't surprise me, as I've noticed that different levels of pressure cause different light levels with the xenon bulb, which suggests dirty contacts.

    I'm trying to clean up the switch assemble and I cannot get this f°°°ing brown plastic washer out. Won't pry loose (and I'm wary of destroying it), can't pierce it with a hot tack (to get a pin spanner into the brass nut below). The nut below it is holding the switch plunger beneath the rubber boot in place, so I can't get at all the contacts in the switch without removing it. So, I'm looking for suggestions on how to remove this washer without destroying it OR what a suitable replacement material might be. (My guess is anything non-conductive, yes?)

    I have a small electronics toolkit on-hand but my full kit is in storage and we're moving house, so this is a kitchen-table job right now.

    Down the road I may order the sandwich shoppe PM6 module and try to piece together a drop-in that would allow me to keep the stock reflector. The Malkoff is nice, but it is a noticeable smaller fixed reflector.

    Update - I have punched two holes in the washer but still can't get it or the unit underneath to turn.
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