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Thread: [Review] FIREFLYLITE T9R - 1540m cone thrower

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    Default [Review] FIREFLYLITE T9R - 1540m cone thrower

    More useful than a LEP?

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    Default Re: [Review] FIREFLYLITE T9R - 1540m cone thrower

    What the heck was that at 7:23 in the video? It looked like some type of alien bat winged creature that you accidentally caught in your beam for a brief moment. Am I seeing things? Anyway, I'm glad you're still alive, and thanks for the always useful comparison/beamshots/review.

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    Default Re: [Review] FIREFLYLITE T9R - 1540m cone thrower

    Another great review. E side switch turned me away from this one. Still looking for a CULNM1.TG thrower...

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