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Thread: Looking for a 6V Example with Surefire A19

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    Default Looking for a 6V Example with Surefire A19


    This is my first thread posting, so please direct me if there was already an answer or any picture that can be helpful to my question.

    I have done some research on building a 3V unit with the old Surefire weaponlight system. The plan is
    L30 + A21 + tailcap
    and add A19 to make it 6V.

    I see that the 6V combinations are mostly
    L30 + A12 + A21 + tailcap
    L60 + A21 + tailcap
    I see the latter much more often.

    I would like to try the A21 + A19 combination but the parts seem very hard to get. Anyone tried it? I wish I just could build it and post pictures of it.

    I also saw some old posting about using a modified A19 instead of A21. I would not like to cut any part.

    Please correct me if I named any part wrong.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Looking for a 6V Example with Surefire A19

    In order to extend length of your flashlight, these can be used.

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