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Thread: Safety regarding a specific high wattage LED bulb

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    Default Safety regarding a specific high wattage LED bulb

    I bought a 10,000 lumen, 80 watt (500 watt equivalent) LED bulb from Menards (Sku # 3538909)

    Menard description says "It is a great choice for barn, yard, garage or basement lighting with many more practical applications. Use it anywhere you need lots of bright omnidirectional light!"

    But instructions with bulb say "Do not use in areas near a gas source"

    I intended to use the bulb in my garage, 13 feet distant from my gas-fired furnace. What might it be about this particular bulb that would make it unsafe? Menards and distributor of bulb have no answer. Can someone please advise me?

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    Default Re: Safety regarding a specific high wattage LED bulb

    I am not sure about this warning, sounds like a CYA by the manufacturer. Not suggesting you not follow the manufacturer's warning, as they must know something we don't, it's your call.

    LED bulbs should not normally ever create sparks or flame that could ignite a gas source, unless they malfunction dramatically or are damaged by impact from something. Exception is possibly a small spark when screwed into the socket, usually avoidable.

    I'd be more concerned with a glass filament incan. bulb getting struck if it does not have proper guard,
    or any other device within range which could create a spark e.g. heater. Even plugging in a laptop adapter
    can cause a spark at the plug. For this to be a problem, gas would have to be free in the air.

    I use several small (60-100W equiv.) LED builds in my basement, some of which are near a gas water
    heater and gas furnace, and have no concerns; again it's your call.


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